The Fully raw juice story

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*All Juices are 16 oz bottles.


Take beautiful, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables from our local farmers, carefully extract their smooth juice WITHOUT using any heat or chemical additives, mix several flavors in delicious, nutrient-rich combos, pour them in bottles, seal them with LOVE and send them away!

That’s our everyday job, here at FullyRaw Juice, and we ABSOLUTELY love it! Because our juices are fresh-crafted, cold-pressed, 100% chemicals-free and sugar-free, raw and organic! Think of them as “living foods”, bursting with vitamins and minerals, delicious and easy to digest. Every sip of FullyRaw Juice is a celebration of nature’s wonderful treats!



The idea for FullyRaw Juice came from raw vegan ambassador Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram. Her story is truly fascinating, as she healed herself from hyperglycemia at the age of 18 by eating solely fresh fruits and vegetables. This amazing experience has inspired her to reach people with the message of RAW and show everyone the incredible power of fruits & veggies.

After founding two raw vegan companies, FullyRaw and Rawfully Organic Co-Op, her next dream was to create fresh, organic, raw vegan juice that would make Houstonians healthy and happy. So she teamed up with local organic farmers and, based on their delicious ingredients and her nutrient- rich recipes, the fantastic FullyRaw Juice came to life!

The FullyRaw Juice

Fresh-crafted, organic, cold-pressed, unprocessed and unpasteurised